2017 Flip Challenge

Feb. 2, 2017

Home Buying Tips For 2017 | INSIDE REAL ESTATE SHOW 048

Buying A Home in 2017, what you should know, resources and info if you're buying a home in 2017.Home buying tips and advice if you're buying your first home in 2017. Darin Persinger real estate broker of http://persingergroup.com and host of http://insiderealestateshow.com shares the one thing you should know if you're buying a home in 2017.

If you're asking real estate ...

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Jan. 24, 2017

Save For A Home Down Payment With The Gary Vaynerchuk 2017 Flip Challenge


Would having an extra $20,170 help your down payment when buying a home?

Maybe you've already saved a bunch of money for your down payment. 

Or maybe you have nothing. 

Save For Home Down Payment Gary Vaynerchuk Flip ChallengeBy the way, don't think you need 20% for a down payment. It's ...

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