Getting Ready to Buy?

Getting Ready To Buy A Home

There are three areas you need to look for before buying a home.

  1. Financial

  2. Mental (Psychological)

  3. Emotional


Many first-time buyers think about getting ready to buy a house as being ready financially. Ex. paying down debt, saving up for a down payment, making sure they can afford the monthly mortgage, having reserves, etc.


But are you ready psychologically? Are you ready for homeownership? Do you see what homeownership does for you? 


And on the emotional side, like being ready emotionally?


A lot of energy, focus and time is spent in getting ready financially, but what's interesting is a lot of buyers are ready in that category. But because they're not ready in their heads and in their hearts, they don't even sit down and talk to a mortgage lender.


They talk themselves out of even taking the first step and say to themselves, "I'm not ready because of my finances." If you want to get ready, make sure you're ready in your head and then your heart, then talk to a mortgage lender and weigh your options. Look at what your situation is and then decide if you're ready.


Those are the three areas you need to get ready in -

  • with your money
  • with your head
  • and with your heart


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