Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in your own home on Christmas morning?

To not have to travel the day before or not have to pack up the car with gifts Christmas morning?

- Chase the kids around the house.
- Debate them about what to wear.
- Try to get them to stop playing with their new toys.
- Sneak some extra gifts into the car when their not looking.
- Prepare for the road trip ahead.

It’s a merry time isn’t it? ????

What if next year during the holidays you’re at home?

Our first Christmas together was in our condo. Not nearly enough room to have the family and friends there.

Next we had a house, but our “dining area” sat four. That’s not how big the table was… That’s how big the space was. No way could we entertain during the holidays there.

If you’ve ever experienced trying to entertain a large group in a small space or simply convince your family to come to your place, you know EXACTLY how frustrating that can be.

You get all kinds of excuses, “Ummmm.. Sure. Let’s talk about that later and look at everyone's schedule.”

But finally we have the place and space to host and entertain. Sure, we have to do the cooking and cleaning but it’s so much nicer than the dreaded “road trip.”

You’re not obviously going to be able to get into your new house by Christmas this year, but you could be in there by next year.

Start right now searching on PersingerGroup.com and get sent the homes that will allow you to host and entertain next year.

Here’s a list to get you started: $250,000 - $500,000 over 2,000 square feet https://goo.gl/dhysGe

FULL DISCLAIMER 1: You’ll have to register, either with email or Facebook, but you don’t have to give us your phone number. The reason why: Our website figures out the type of homes you’re searching for and sends you an updated list when homes like that come on the market or a price changes. Pretty cool, right?

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