Hobbyists from Monroe property go to the Hobby Expo.The 2019 NW Model Hobby Expo is coming to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, a very versatile Monroe property. The fairgrounds host so many fun and entertaining events throughout the year, including races, shows like the hobby expo, and of course, the Evergreen State Fair. The 2019 NW Model Hobby Expo is lucky to have such a fantastic facility to house all of the competitions and projects. Come on out Saturday, January 26th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Sunday, January 27th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to take a look around this event, which is bigger than it has ever been.

Watch drone racing as well as training and an open indoor drone course. Learn how to get a drone up in the air at your own Monroe property. See who will win the scale model competition, see maker projects, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi and Arduino Projects, rock crawlers, RC trains, and car racing. Be sure to make your way over to the pond that will have RC boats zipping around and do not miss the battle robots. Anyone interested in Radio Control can watch a live demonstration. Many experts will be on site to give beginners advice and point them in the right direction.

There will be special workshops with demonstrations and everyone will get to experience the latest in parts and technology. If all of these gadgets and projects are interesting to you, consider chatting with someone at the expo about joining a club. The more resources the better, especially if new to these hobbies. Also be sure to bring your wallet. There will be some great bargains to grab for your existing projects or to start some new ones. If you have a kid who is always tinkering or interested in how robots, drones, and RC boats work, get them to this show. Read more and plan your day at the Model Hobby Expo.