Get dog training on Lake Stevens property.There’s something totally unique about the joy a new puppy or dog can bring to Lake Stevens property owners. Dogs are full of fun and they can provide families with lots of great memories. However, it’s also important that they get the right kind of training so that dogs and their people can live together amicably. Fortunately for everyone in Lake Stevens, great local training is available through A Dog Smiles. Trainer Melissa Weinert has many years experience, first as a veterinary assistant. Then she went to Animal Behavior College and became a Certified Dog Trainer. You can rest assured that your dog is in excellent hands when you hire Melissa as your trainer.

The program at A Dog Smiles is scientifically backed and uses a rewards-based, positive reinforcement system. The training helps owners understand their dog’s genetic make-up and personality, so that training is tailored to each dog and family. Training starts with a visit to your Lake Stevens property, so that the family, dog, and trainer can all meet and get to know one another. They will work out a training package together. You can choose from several different focuses. If you have a new puppy, work on chewing, jumping, and house training. There are also manners and obedience components. Some dogs need work on special issues, like anxiety or getting used to a new baby. Melissa can help you with any of these issues.

Some breeds of dog need to have more attention and physical activity than is possible for people who work full time. A Dog Smiles can help you there, too. Dog walking services are available, and so is drop-in care.

Visit A Dog Smiles online to learn more about service offered. You can also contact Melissa directly by emailing or calling 425.686.9662.