Lake Stevens home owners go to the Mill Fitness.Anyone living in a Lake Stevens home that is looking to get in shape should consider joining the Mill Fitness. This is not only a place to get a little exercise, but to learn more about fitness, find support, and make great friends. Located at 9623 32nd St. SE Building C. Suite #103, this gym offers something different than those big box gyms. You never have to worry about getting lost in the crowd clanking away on some outdated equipment. The Mill Fitness only has machines that imitate actual functional movement. Learn how to use your body and real weights to perform natural movements.

One of the best parts about the Mill Fitness is that you don’t have to get healthy all by yourself. The programming here meets you wherever you are in your journey toward health. Small successes are celebrated and everyone is encouraged to proceed at a pace that is comfortable for them. Not only will your physical health improve, but also your responsibility, determination, and commitment, thanks to being part of this community. The success stories are inspiring and if you need inspiration to get out of your Lake Stevens home and get active, try reading them.

Anyone even slightly interested in joining should sign up for a free No-Sweat Intro. The staff here knows how important it is to find the right atmosphere and right program for you. That is why they offer this free consultation. Come to learn more about the gym and how things work. Talk about a program that will work for you and help you reach your health and fitness goals. Once you decide to join, you will have a coach for life who will help you every step of the way and even call you if you haven’t been at the gym in a while. Many fitness clubs want people to buy a membership and never use it. That is definitely not the case here. Find all of the contact information, more details about the gym, read the countless success stories, and join at the Mill Fitness