2023 Fall Home Trend


As the leaves begin to change and the weather cools down. 

You know what that means - pumpkin spice everything! 

Pumpkin SpiceNothing says fall like the return of pumpkin spice lattes. That warm, familiar blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves just brings back memories of crisp autumn days.

The leaves are changing colors.

The air is getting cooler.

It's time to start bundling up in your flannels and vests, sip your lattes, and wander through the local pumpkin patch. Kids racing through the hay bales and corn mazes.

Also, time for homeowners to start thinking about sprucing up their homes for the new season. This fall, there are several fresh home design trends that can help add warmth, comfort and style to your space. Here are some of the top looks that are expected to be popular this year.

Cozy Textures

Tactile, natural textures are poised to be a major trend this fall. Think woven throws, plush pillows, fuzzy rugs and knit accessories. These cozy materials create an inviting look while also providing actual physical warmth. Go for textured fabrics like boucle, velvet or linen in rich fall hues like cinnamon, navy or hunter green.

Layer multiple textures together for depth and dimension.

Tufted furniture and chunky knits will also be popular for that ultra-cozy feel.Cozy Fall Room

Mood LightingFall Lighting

As the days get shorter, lighting will play a key role in fall home decor. Opt for warm white bulbs to cast a cozy glow at night. Layer table and floor lamps for a soft ambience.

Smart bulbs that change color and brightness are another great option for setting different lighting moods. Use dimmers throughout the house to control the atmosphere.

Candlelight and fireplaces will also come into focus this season.

Natural Materials

Natural textures and elements help create an organic, cozy look for fall.

Wood furniture and accents pair beautifully with plants to bring the outside in. Opt for carved wood pieces, rattan chairs or woven baskets. Display lush houseplants or dried botanicals. You can also incorporate natural motifs and patterns for an earthy feel.

Try mineral accents like stone vases or quartz decor. Let wood grain and nature inspire your color palette.Fall Home Decor Natural


Warm MetallicsWarm Metallic Home

Metallic accents are getting a fall refresh this season with warmer, more inviting hues.

For an elegant yet comfortable look, bring in metals like brass, bronze and copper. Mix these tones in your lighting fixtures, hardware, mirrors or decor. Matte metallics also provide a subtle sheen. Incorporate metallic textures like hammered bronzes or rustic coppers to add shine and dimension. Metallics pair perfectly with fall neutrals like cream, slate and brown.


Updated Farmhouse


The farmhouse style continues to be popular this fall with some fresh updates. Look for rich velvets paired with farmhouse staples like vintage signs and distressed woods for contrast. Incorporate artisanal pottery, woven blankets and dried florals for a sophisticated farmhouse feel. Don't forget cozy lighting like lanterns and string lights. Modern and traditional farmhouse elements blended together make for an elevated, welcoming space.


This fall, embrace the season with warming textures, natural materials and inviting lighting. Incorporate these 2023 trends to create a cozy, stylish and peaceful home retreat. With some simple updates, you can make your space feel fresh and autumn-ready. Focus on soft fabrics, earthy elements and rustic or modern farmhouse flair to be on trend this fall. Most importantly, choose pieces that make your home feel the most comfortable and inspiring.

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