Dogs living in Lake Stevens get obedience training.Dog owners living in Lake Stevens have a wonderful resource for in home training and care for their canine companions called A Dog Smiles. There a several personalized training programs available as well as care options such as dog walking and drop in visits. Get started right away with training for your new puppy. The things your puppy learns between the ages of eight and 20 weeks can shape their behavior their whole lives. Get help right in your own home in person, with handouts, and with email and phone support. Learn along with your pet about potty and crate training, basic commands, house manners, chewing, nipping, socialization skills, and vet and grooming preparation. The cost for this course is $300, which includes a consultation and five-one hour sessions.

Other options for training include private lessons and day training. Private lessons can be geared toward basic obedience or to get rid of a problem behavior. A consultation is required before lessons begin to come up with a game plan, then clients can choose from one, three, or a package of six lessons. For anyone living in Lake Stevens who does not have time to go through weeks of private lessons, consider day training. A staff member will come by when you are away to work with your dog. They will even take your dog to different locations to ensure their training is solid. Once again, a consultation is required and a variety of package options are available.

A Dog Smiles goes further and offers services to help take care of your dog while you are away. If you will be gone for long hours during the day, consider having someone come to walk your dog or just to let them out to go potty and play. Pricing for these services vary depending on your exact location. Read more about all services offered by A Dog Smiles and find contact information online.