Does Replacing Carpet Increase Home Value


Selling a home is one of the most significant decisions you'll ever make, and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes adding and removing some accessories from your home can help to spike interest from potential buyers, and a lot has been said about the importance of replacing carpet to this effect. Although doing so has had varying results,  home sellers seem to be torn between replacing and not replacing the carpet before selling their homes.

Having brand new carpet can help to increase your home's value, as it becomes the focal point of attention to potential buyers. It's not a requirement to replace the carpet before selling your home, but you should do so if the carpet is worn out or doesn't compliment the fresh coat of paint in the room.

This article will look at whether your home increases in value by replacing the carpet with hardwood or laminate flooring. We'll also have a price comparison between carpet and a laminate floor, and discuss the type of flooring to increase the home's value.

comparison between carpet and a laminate floor

Does a Home Gain More Value by Replacing the Carpet?

As a homeowner looking to sell their property, the best thing you can do to get top dollar for your home is pick the right projects to improve its market value. This means applying a fresh coat of paint and repairing any damaged areas. Sometimes you might need to do minor modifications like adding or removing some things you think would affect the asking price.

Cleaning Carpet

Carpet is usually the biggest topic, with some sellers removing it entirely. However, replacing carpet should only be done if it's worn out and will reflect a poor image, or if it doesn't compliment the new paint, if applicable, in your home.

The best place to start is almost always with carpet cleaning. Especially if you haven’t had your carpets professionally cleaned in over a year. A good professional cleaning can remove stains and bring old carpets back to life. 

If you feel like your carpet is beyond saving, having a brand new carpet installed is often the right strategy for attracting potential buyers. For starters, the carpet helps them create a mental image of their new home, which often ends up sparking interest in the property.

The carpet creates a home-like environment, even if the viewers don't like the color or texture, as it gives them a clue of how they can plan the interior if they buy the home. 

When marketing homes for our seller clients we love to be able to comment in the remarks “New Carpet” and show it off in the pictures. 

However, removing the carpet entirely is not a bad thing. 

Does Replacing the Carpet with Hardwood Increase the Home's Value?

Hardwood Floors

If you’re removing the carpet to install new hardwood flooring in your home, you and the potential buyer could see this as a nice upgrade. Hardwood flooring is probably the best investment you can make on a property in terms of aesthetic appeal and longevity.

Installing hardwood flooring is not a cheap project, and you might not be able to recoup all the costs. 

If you have an older home and you know there is hardwood under the carpet, by all means rip up that carpet and refinish the hardwoods.  

Nothing can help turn a prospect into an actual buyer like a shiny new hardwood floor around the house. If you have the budget for it hardwood is a desired flooring choice amongst buyers. 

There are many other things you can do that will impact the value of your home when selling. Many of those things are in our Get Sell Ready Guide.

Does Replacing carpet with Laminate Increase the Home's Value?

Laminate is a preferred option for some homeowners due to its longevity, but a majority will always prefer hardwood or carpet if they're in great condition. Laminate flooring doesn't add much value to the home, but it's an improvement if the floor is in disarray and requires repair.

Laminated FloorsFor starters, laminate flooring is a cheaper alternative to hardwood flooring, which reduces the total repair cost. Secondly, this type of floor lasts longer and maintains the shiny feature for an extended period. However, it's relatively noisy compared to carpet or a hardwood floor due to its poor sound absorption capabilities. There's also the issue of repairing the floor once damaged, as laminate requires complete replacement, compared to hardwood, where you can replace the damaged area only.

This type of flooring is perfect for someone renovating a home within a budget, and it might be enough to convince buyers to consider your property. However, many would prefer a new carpet to laminate.

Which is Cheaper? Carpet or Laminate?

Carpet is more affordable than a laminate floor, although laminate lasts longer, can withstand harsher conditions, and is easier to clean. However, carpet allows you to customize the home, as you can change and replace them with any color or texture.

Alternatively, carpets are warm and comfortable, giving your home that unique feeling, while laminate flooring can get cold or warm depending on the weather. Carpets are also less noisy as they can absorb more sound, with laminate being the opposite. For this reason, carpet tends to be the stronger choice in a condo environment.

Carpets are also safer for children than laminate. However, laminate can withstand foot traffic better than carpet, making it ideal for living rooms and balconies.Carpet Versus Laminated Floor

What Type of Flooring will Increase a Home's Value the Most?

Hardwood flooring tends to improve a home's value and help to convince potential buyers to consider buying a home. Carpeting also works well, but only if you choose the right texture and color. 

Although a type of flooring might determine how well a property performs on the market, it all comes down to what buyers have in mind. Also, the location's climate determines the type of floor that works better, given that hardwood tends to rot easily in wet areas. What works well in Arizona might not be as effective in Miami.

Final Thoughts

You don't need to remove carpets before selling a home unless they're in bad condition and you believe they'll compromise the asking price. Many homebuyers prefer hardwood over laminate and carpets since they last longer and have an appealing look.

Get ahead and stay ahead.

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