First Fit.  First impression.   For the majority of home buyers, the first impression is actually online. Before they ever decide to come out and take a look at your home before they schedule that private tour, they're looking at their phone, they're looking at their computer.


A few years ago, to get into better shape, I decided it was time to start running.

I realized that I would need some help with this process because I had never been a runner before.


So I went to a local shoe store that specializes in shoes for runners, in fact, marathon running.

The first thing that they did was assess how I walked and how I ran. Then they made a few recommendations for shoes that would fit my stride, my style of running and my weight at that time.

I remember they recommended three specific shoes and one pair was Nike. When I tried on the Nike shoes, they were by far the most comfortable shoes of the three pairs. I said this out loud and the shoe consultant, running consultant, I guess we'll call them said to me that is what Nike does.

Nike is great at that.

Nike specializes in what they call First-Fit.

Nike believes if their shoe is the most comfortable shoe the first time you try it on, you’ll buy their shoe.

Today we'll discuss how to get your home ready for sale so it feels like Nike First Fit

  1. Why Nike Does First Fit
  2. Getting Your Home Ready
  3. Major Mistakes Getting Home Sell Ready

Why Nike Does First Fit

When I got home, I Googled this.

Nike First-Fit.

I couldn't find any information about this online.

So I don't know if he's making this up or if this is just a real hush, hush industry secret. But he said, Nike designs their shoes, they're made that way to feel really comfortable when you try them on in the store, that first fit.

And that of course makes sense when you think about it.

Why would you buy a less comfortable shoe… especially when it’s something that is going to be used for sports, running, etc?

Getting Your Home Ready

When it comes time to sell your home, thinking about First-Fit matters.

We believe First-Fit happens a few times when selling a home.

First Fit is the first impression.

The first impression not just in person, but also online.

This is why we feel staging vacant homes at no additional cost to our clients is so crucial. It doesn't matter. The price point could be a $200,000 condo. Could be a $2 million home. Those first impressions matter, just like the Nike First-Fit matters.

This might be why Nike is one of the most dominant brands in the world.

This is also why we put so much of our own time and our own money into the pictures and the videos of the homes that we are selling. (Check out our 10K Views Guarantee.)


First impression.

For the majority of home buyers, the first impression is actually online. Before they ever decide to come out and take a look at your home before they schedule that private tour, they're looking at their phone, they're looking at their computer. They're looking online to see if, if that home is a fit for them, they're trying to get a feel for it. They don't want to waste their time looking at a home that doesn't feel right to them. They're basing this feeling completely off of pictures and video they see online.

The last thing that you want when you're trying to sell your home is for a potential home buyer to say no to it before they ever step foot in your home.

And we've made a getting your home ready for sale process to take advantage of this First Fit idea.

2 Major Mistakes Getting A Home Sell Ready

When it comes to getting a home sell ready, there are two major, costly mistakes sellers make.

This is why we’ve made getting a home sell ready super easy for our clients.

It’s three steps and you can read about that at the end of this article, but first...

Getting Sell Ready Major Mistake

#1 Spending too much money

Many home sellers believe that expensive projects will help them sell their home for the most money.

They start ripping out carpet and installing hardwood floors.

Or they do a complete kitchen remodel.

The reality is in most situations homeowners won't get their money back out on costly remodeling projects.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, depending on the size of the job, you’ll likely recoup 66% to 85% back on a kitchen remodel in the Seattle area.

For example, they show an average of spending $76,000 on a midrange upgrade, but only getting about $50,000 back in resale value.

Not only is that expensive, but it also leads to major mistake number two. 

#2 Wasting time

When selling, a homeowner probably has other things going on in their life. Not just the packing and moving, but maybe a new job, a newborn, or something like a death or divorce. 

So we believe, why add more stress to an already stressful situation?

We’ve experienced many home sellers tell us that they’ve spent their nights and weekends for the last few months “getting their home ready” before even contacting us.

You don’t have to try to impress us, the real estate advisors.

You bring us in to help you impress the real estate buyers.

After those nights and weekends, many of the wrong projects were done.

It took longer to get on the market than they wanted and they wasted time and money doing projects that didn’t need to be done.


Get your home sell ready with the Sell Ready GuideWHAT’S NEXT?

Three Steps To Getting Selling Ready

1. Visit

You'll be able to get access to our guide that shows you the major steps to take, to get your home sell ready, and also our 47 point checklist to make it easy to know what to do to get your home sell ready.

2. Hop on a quick phone call with us.

The short, quick phone call will give us a better understanding of where you're at, what you're trying to do in the timeline that you're trying to do with it. The small time investment up front saves you a big chunk of time later in the middle of the transaction when things are a little bit more stressful already.

3. Home Walkthru.

This allows us to give sellers suggestions on what to do, what not to do or alternatives. This can save our clients a bunch of time and a bunch of money by helping them focus on the projects that truly matter to get their home sell ready.

Our clients, who are able to save the most money, put the most money in their pocket and have the smoothest home sale are the ones that connect with us weeks - if not months before. They're getting ready to sell their home so we can help them figure out what projects to do, which projects not to do and different ideas.

Click over to to get started.

Darin and Katherine Persinger