Lake Stevens real estate owners go paddleboarding.One of the best things about owning Lake Stevens real estate is the lake. It’s easy to go fishing, swimming, and canoeing. One of the newest and most popular water sports is stand up paddleboarding. There’s a lot of discipline that goes into successful paddleboarding. You need good balance, both upper body and leg strength, and a sense of fun. In order to feel confident on the board, it’s a good idea to take an introductory class. This will give you an overview of how all the gear works, how to stay safe, and some basic techniques for paddling. Hydrology Stand Up Paddle offers affordable lessons and classes to people living in the greater Lake Stevens real estate area.

Lundeen Park is the location for Hydrology’s Lake Stevens lessons. A basic lesson lasts for one hour and is $55 per person. Grab at least two friends to take the class with you, and the price drops to $30. All necessary gear is included in the lesson price. You’ll get to practice using the gear safely, and the instructor will give you pointers in technique. The lesson finishes up with a paddleboard tour of the lake. Family lessons are also available. For these, kids under five are counted as passengers and get to tag along for free. Once you have the basics down, sign up for one of the cool classes offered by Hydrology. There are youth classes, SUP pilates, SUP yoga, hike and SUP, and many more. Most classes cost around $30 per person.

If you have the basics down and just want to rent a board for a couple of hours, Hydrology is the place to go. Gear rentals are $20 an hour and include the board, paddle, leash, and personal floatation device. You’ll also get basic instructions for use. Rent a wetsuit and booties for another $10 per hour. You can also purchase your own gear from Hydrology.

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