Get giant hot dogs near your Monroe home.What’s better than an award-winning food truck serving up hotdogs? An award-winning food truck serving up foot-long hotdogs near your Monroe home! If this sounds like something you need in your life, get to know Big Dog’s Food Truck. Jerry, the friendly veteran who runs Big Dog’s, is pretty much exactly what you hope for in your favorite uncle. He’s on the lookout for the very freshest local produce to make his fabulous hotdog concoctions.

Each massive dog is made with 100% beef and served up on a quarter pound stadium bun that’s been steamed to perfection. Jerry has come up with several combinations you’re sure to love. Go for a Wilson--the hotdog is slathered with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, then topped with chopped onions and crumbled bacon. If you love spice, choose the Safety, a combination of cream cheese, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, and jalapenos. Then there’s the Petey, piled high with sauerkraut, chopped onions, and dijon mustard. Have an idea of the perfect combination of your own? The Audible is what you’re looking for. Choose any three toppings from a list that includes everything mentioned so far, as well as french fried onions, crushed potato chips, sweet relish, candied jalapeno relish, garlic and chili aioli, and sriracha. Whew! Finish off your hotdog with a soda, bag of chips, and Skittles.

Jerry and Big Dog’s know how to bring the party, and if you’re planning one at your Monroe home, be sure to give him a call. In addition to the regular menu, the catering menu includes potato salad, baked beans, and cookies or other baked goods.

Right now, Big Dog’s is serving up their gigantic hot dogs at the Evergreen State Fair. Be sure to find the big green and blue truck when ever you go!