Edmonds real estate since January 1st, 2011.  

180 homes listed have been listed.  Wow.  That's a lot.  That's more than three homes put up on the market every day. 

74 are pending.  Pendings are important to look at because they represent the mood of the buyer at the very moment.  74 buyers in Edmonds right now have decided now is the time to buy, and are planning on moving into their new home soon.

64 homes have sold in Edmonds since the beginning of the year.  More than one per day, but less than two.  Home sales in Edmonds are in fact, taking place!

Okayyy...expireds.  An expired listing is a home listed for sale that did not sell in the time during the listing contract agreed to by the listing agent and the home seller.  87 homes have expired since January 1st.  Yes, that is more than the number of homes that have sold.

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