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FAQ :: Frequently Asked Questions About Mission Ridge, Lake Stevens Real Estate

Q :: I'm interested in seeing and potentially buying in Mission Ridge, now what?

A :: It's time to talk to a Lake Stevens real estate agent about the properties you're most interested in. Persinger Group has Real Estate Specialists that are focused on only the Lake Stevens area. Contact us and you will be connected to one of these real estate agents to help you with your Lake Stevens home search, making an offer and the entire buying process. 


Q :: Are there more homes for sale in Mission Ridge than shown on this page?

A :: Maybe. We segment the homes for sale into neighborhoods, communities and developments based on info we're provided about the listing's location, address, parcel and other details when Realtors entire the information into the NWMLS. If the listing data doesn't match the criteria we've set for this neighborhood, the listing won't show up on this page.

You could use the Advanced Home Search to see if any other properties are showing up in the area. 

You could use the home search at the top of this page to search Lake Stevens Real Estate and filter through the results. 

Or, the best way, easiest way and surest way to make sure you are finding homes for sale in the Mission Ridge area is to contact us directly and we can watch for property updates. 


Q :: Where does Persinger Group get information about Mission Ridge real estate?

A :: Information about neighborhoods. condo complexes and Lake Stevens real estate comes from a variety of sources including public data, our staff and from contributions from Persinger Group users, and clients, like you. Information about listings is provided courtesy of the NWMLS but is not compiled by the NWMLS.


Q :: I'm a Mission Ridge Homeowner thinking about selling my Mission Ridge home. Can you tell me what you think my Mission Ridge home might be worth and what you do to market and sell homes?

A :: YUP!!! You can check out website for Homeowners thinking about selling by clicking here


A Little About Mission Ridge, Lake Stevens, WA

Mission Ridge is conviently located if you have a commute to make.

As you leave I-5 and merge on to Highway 2, also known as the trestle, you take the short drive towards Lake Stevens. 

Instead of taking the exit onto 204 towards Lake Stevens, you stay on 20th Street SE. You drive by Highway 9 and about a mile down is the entrance to Mission Ridge. 

Mission Ridge is the south end of the Lake. Some of the homes in Mission Ridge have a view of the lake. 


Mission Ridge Market Data & Real Estate Trends

Lake Stevens Real Estate :: Market Trends for Mission Ridge

In the last 365 days, 21 homes have sold in the Mission Ridge area. 

The average Days on Market for Mission Ridge homes was 37. Meaning it took 37 days from the time a Mission Ridge home was listed for sale until an accepted offer. 

The average selling price for a home in Mission Ridge is $251,321. With the average list price being $255,529.

The average list price at the time of sale was $251,507. Meaning Mission Ridge homes are selling at 99.91% of the list price. 

*This data is from the NWMLS from June 2014 over the last 365 days. 

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