Our passion is Real Estate.

And we're obsessed with marketing and storytelling.

If that sounds like something you'd want to be apart of... or could benefit from... keep reading.

We're looking for help in making buyers and sellers transitions truly special. And agents we can help grow their business to the level they desire. 

We Are A Referrals First Real Estate Team.

We believe real estate is relational.

We don't believe the best real estate agents should be calling and trying to convert internet leads all day. That's where Persinger Group is a bit different from the average real estate team.

We don't believe in Buyer's Agents or Listing Specialists.

The most difficult thing of any real estate transaction, or any relationship for that matter, is trust. 

Why develop trust with someone to only hand them off to another "specialist"?

According to NAR, Realtors succeeding at the highest level, Repeat & Referral business accounts for over 60% of their business.

We believe in being experts in the market, community and transaction.

When it really comes down to it, what is more valuable to a real estate client:

A) Your ability to convert an internet lead?

B) Your knowledge of the local market? Knowing the best place to get a cup of coffee? How to assess the health of an HOA? Having a great network of vendors and professionals?

If you picked B...

And want to learn more about what it means to be on a Referrals First real estate team, reach out to Darin, the co-founder of Persinger Group, by clicking here and filling out the form.

*Persinger Group is interested in talking with all experience levels of real estate agents, even if you're not licensed yet. 


Opportunity For Expansion Partnership In Your Market

:: Did You Know ::

The median income of a Realtor in the first two years of their business is only $8,100. And it doesn’t get much better.

The median income for a Realtor 2-5 years in business is only making about $18,000 a year. (*Data from the NAR 2013 Member Profile Report)

If you’d like to maximize your time doing productive activities like working with your clients and negotiating contracts and minimize the time you spend on support and admin activities…

If you’d like to minimize your expenses, the amount of money you’re spending on your marketing, website, IDX, and technology…

If you want to take your income to the next level, cut down on expenses and have more free time…

Then we'd like to invite you to learn more about partnering with Darin Persinger and Persinger Group.

You're Not Alone. 

Let’s succeed together!!!

This Role is PERFECT for you, if:

– You enjoying interacting with clients more than shuffling around paperwork

– You’re comfortable working with multiple clients at one time

– You’re computer literate and willing to work from inside a CRM

– You’re willing to complete weekly updates and report status of clients

– You’re a self-motivator

– You’re 100% trustworthy

– You’re a goal-setter

– You’re learning based and always looking to improve

- Ability or desire to lead, recruit and train


If you are not currently licensed, answer the questions as best as you can….

Openings At The Mothership 

Persinger Group's flagship office is in Snohomish County, WA. Just north of Seattle. 


Real Estate Agents:

If you read the information above and like the idea of being a Referrals First real estate agent instead of calling internet leads...

If you like the idea of being a Market, Community and Transaction Specialist instead of Buyer's Agent...

If you're tired of the being a solo agent and having the ups and downs, roller coaster ride of income...

Or if you're currently on TEAM that makes you feel more like a telemarketer...

Or if you're not currently licensed, but want to learn more about how to get licensed, trained and a career as a Realtor on Persinger Group where you could be earning $100,000 a year...

Reach out to Darin, the co-founder of Persinger Group, by clicking here and filling out the form.

*All conversations will be confidential. 


Assistant Marketing Coordinator

If you’re organized and take pleasure in being known as an “neat freak” amongst your friends… …I want you as the Assistant Marketing Coordinator for Persinger Group.

This position is PERFECT for you, if you like the idea of:

– Interact with Team Leaders and Vendors (Not a lot of client interaction for you)

– You’re comfortable using websites, social media, and technology.

– You love Data Entry

– You know how to proof-read, edit and turn ideas into words.

– You use a Mac, have a Mac and are open to learning new technologies.

– You’re an email ninja.

– You’re 100% reliable. You do what you say you’re going to do… and most times MORE.

– You’re 100% trust worthy. I want someone that I’d happily trust with vital parts of my business.

– You’re a calendar / scheduling wizard. I need someone that can stay focused on the business and hit specific timelines.

– You know how to create and operate from systems.

To learn more about this positions and start a conversation with us contact us.