Monroe real estate owners visit the Reptile Zoo.The Reptile Zoo was founded by Scott Petersen in 1996 with the hope that it would further his mission to “help others appreciate more fully the beauties and mysteries” of the natural world. On its Monroe real estate visitors have the unique opportunity to come face to face with reptiles from all over the globe. With the most extensive and varied collection of reptiles in the entire Pacific Northwest, the Zoo allows the public to get up close and personal with these amazing animals in a way that would otherwise be impossible. Some of their most popular attractions are the two headed turtle and an albino alligator, but there are plenty of animals to see from lizards to snakes of every shape and size! The friendly and knowledgeable zookeepers are always there to greet people as they arrive. They are available to answer any questions guests might have as well.

Scott Petersen has come to be known as the Reptile Man because of his 20 years of performing reptile presentations at schools and other places throughout the state. Over 800 schools have seen his presentations, and he has also brought his reptile performances to all sorts of gatherings, from festivals to corporate parties and other events. Scott’s desire to “inspire a reconnection with the natural world” has led him to be featured on PBS’s Biz Kids, as well as Disney’s Bill Nye the Science Guy show. Over the years he has come a long way from his beginnings as a humble teacher of high school biology as he has shared his love of the wonders of the world with his ever widening audiences. Now he has created a family legacy as many of his children are helping him realize his dream of “becoming a force for good in promoting conservation and sustainability.” The Zoo’s hope is that generations that follow after us will also be able to experience and enjoy nature to its fullest.

The Reptile Zoo is open every day from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Infants 2 years old and under are always free, while tickets for 3 to 4 year olds are $6 every day of the week except Sunday. Sundays these little ones can get in for only $3.95, and children from 5 to 17 years old only pay $4.95. The rest of the week the older children’s tickets cost $7.50, and an adult admission will cost $9.95. Sundays Monroe real estate owners are able to visit for only $6.95. Admission for everyone includes the well-loved tortoise petting experience. From Monday through Saturday visitors also have the opportunity to participate in the “close encounters” experience. Whenever guests visit, they should “be prepared to have fun and enjoy quality time with these magnificent creatures!”

Visit the Reptile Zoo to learn more, or call 360-805-5300.