Buying a home and need an insurance binder for your home purchase? What is an insurance binder? And why do you need a binder for insurance for a real estate purchase?

Lake Stevens Realtor talks with Lake Stevens Insurance Agent about getting an insurance binder when purchasing a homeIn this episode of Inside Real Estate, Darin of has Lake Stevens Insurance Agent, Aaron Boren to talk about the ins, the outs of:

  • what is an insurance binder,
  • why you need an insurance binder,
  • and how to get an insurance binder

Majority of Home Buyers think all they have to do is find the "right the home." But the reality of home buying is that finding the right home is just the tip of the iceberg.

After you find the home you want to buy, that's when all the work, chaos and FUN begins. And one of those things is getting an insurance binder from an insurance agent for your home purchase.

Watch this episode Inside Real Estate Show 016 on youtube or below.


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