Budgeting Made Easy, the premise would probably go like this: 

1. Set a Specific Long Range Goal (Like saving for  retirement)

2. Set a Specific Mid Range Goal (Like saving for a down payment) 1- 3 years out. 

3. Know exactly how much of every paycheck needs to go towards those goals. 

4. Put that exact amount in a special account every paycheck before you do anything else with your money. 

5. Live off whatever is left. 


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Going For Big Wins Saving Money

Caution! What you’re about to read might make you upset if you are opposed to some sacrifice in your lifestyle. If you don’t want to sacrifice your lifestyle to make homeownership a priority, that’s OK. Skip this part. 

Three Big Saving Wins

1. Skip The Vacation

According to American Express, the average vacation expense per person in the United States is $1,145, or $4,580 for a family of four.

Skip the vacation this year and put towards your down payment or closing costs. An extra $1,000 or $2,000 or $4,500 can go a long way. 

2. Don’t Have The Average Wedding

According to The Knot, a wedding website, it was revealed that the average wedding is now about $28,858. Who doesn’t want the dream wedding? You have to decide what your priority is though - having the dream wedding and going back to your two bedroom apartment after the honeymoon. Or cutting a few costs and using the savings as your down payment when you go house hunting after your honeymoon?

3. Hold Off On The Pets

If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, maybe you should hold off until you have that house. In an article by Kiplinger.com, citing sources from American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA.org) and PetEducation.com, “In the first year alone, your new best friend can cost between $700 and $2,000 excluding any special needs, such as dog walking, pet insurance, and grooming, which can raise the cost by more than $7,000.” Keep in mind, that doesn’t include the cost of adoption. Some breeds are obviously more expensive than others.


What Big Wins are you willing to have to save for your down payment closing costs?

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The Number of the Day: 63 

63% Of Americans Don't Have Enough Savings To Cover A $500 Emergency



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