Persinger Group is your trusted resource for Snohomish County & King County residential real estate.


Almost everyone knows a real estate agent. Not everyone knows what a real estate agent will do for them.

You can trust our unmatched experience and results. 

Experience Matters.

You're only buying a home. I mean it's probably just like buying a Starbucks latte right? But maybe a bit more expensive?

Yeah, right! This is most likely going to be your largest financial decision you ever make in your life. You can trust our experience. 

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Welcome To

Persinger Group is real estate group founded by Darin Persinger & Katherine Persinger. With a combined a 29 years of real estate experience, they bring an unprecedented background of expertise to their clients, their staff and agent partners. 

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Persinger Group Passion Persinger Group's passion is Real Estate.


Persinger Groups Obsession We are obsessed with marketing and storytelling. 


Our mission is to show people what's possible through real estate and the power of home ownership.

At Persinger Group We Believe:

Persinger Group Beliefs

  • A home is where memories are created and memories are shared. 
  • Home ownership should be a priority. 
  • You start where you can start. 
  • A home is Forced Savings Account. 
  • Real Estate is the best investment.
  • Real Estate is a pathway to wealth and an enjoyable retirement. 


We get excited about:

What Persinger Group gets excited about.

  • Helping people become first time home buyers.
  • Helping sellers transition to the next phase of their life. 
  • Helping people become Real Estate Investors and Willing Landlords. 


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 We are family first and a real estate agency second. 

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